Sales in Brazil
With this site we want to show the products of the foreign companies represented by us, to our Brazilian clients. Therefore it is written in Portuguese. But this specific page here is reserved for our English speaking visitors, which we want to inform about the possibilities to work together with EUROLATINA, either with our sales division or our consulting and operational support division.

Do you need for your company a sales partner in Brazil? Speak with us, in some cases we still accept new representations. If not, we would be pleased to search on your behalf a representative, but also an importer, distributor, sales agent or a service work shop.

Do you want an own sales person, which you can control, and not a rep? But you think it is still not the time to have an own comercial company in Brazil? In this case you should consider to have a sales person, hired by Eurolatina, exclusively working for you. 

Or do you want to have your own company in Brazil? We can open a firm for you, step in as an operational director, develop and manage it for you, and let your employees free for their core business - SALES! Ask for an offer!

Or do you sell already in Brazil and the results are not sufficient? We can develop a sales, turnover, and profit improvement programme and execute it together with your local staff.  

Even if you have to produce in Brazil due to competitiveness or to have access to subsidied financing for your clients, we can help you, e.g. by searching for manufacturing partners or by managing the necessary steps to erect and organize a plant.

These are our services: Market, Location, Feasibility Studies; Business Partner Search, Recruitment, Company Founding and Structuring, M&A, Licensing and Technology Transfer, Latin America Consulting, Operational Management, Support for Development, Sales, Administration, Logistics, and Production; Profit Improvement Programs, Representation of Foreign Shareholders of Brazilian Companies as Attorney-in-fact, and Management of your local company during start up, in the case of vacancy, or as stand by, assuming a directorship.

Please send me an email with your needs and demands, I will answer immediately.

Karlheinz K. Naumann
Managing Partner